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It excluded a few days prior to the overall of the Week of Fashion in America though the fashion promotion was not declared in the show proof. Arguably the most influential, imaginative, and provocative designer of his generation, Alexander McQueen both challenged and expanded fashion conventions to express ideas about race, class, sexuality, religion, and the environment.

Lee Alexander McQueen (Alexander McQueen for short) was born on March 17, in Lewisham, London.

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He died on February 11, in Mayfair, London. His mother Joyce McQueen was a social science teacher and his dad Ronald was a Scottish taxi driver. Out of six children, McQueen was the youngest.

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McQueen attended Carpenters Road. Receiving British Designer of the Year inand and also the recipient of many more awards, Alexander McQueen is recognised as one of the most successful talents in the fashion industry and is known world-wide.

Coco Chanel and Alexander Mcqueen. CoCo Chanel and Alexander Art Design Essay.

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Abbeylauren Duckett Two artists that I have chosen who reflect change are Alexander Mcqueen who emulated the dominance of media on the world during the 's and Coco Chanel who reflected the change in the stance of women in society after the first world war. Le alexander McQueen was born in and was the youngest of six children; his father was a taxi driver and his mother a social history teacher.

He spent his formative years drawing and reading books in fashion as he knew he would be a fashion designer from an early age.

"Swot Analysis Of Alexander Mcqueen" Essays and Research Papers Swot Analysis Of Alexander Mcqueen Jane Wang Second draft research paper Jul 30h, Alexander McQueen “Creativity is a very fragile thing, and Lee was very fragile,” said the milliner Philip Treacy, who had worked with Alexander McQueen.

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