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Jacques Lacan

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Jacques Lacan (1901—1981)

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Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality () Beyond the Pleasure Principle () The Ego and the Id () Schools of thought. Self psychology; Lacanian; Jungian; Clear Like Day Letter for the twenty years since the death of Jacques Lacan written by Jacques-Alain Miller To an Enlightened Public.

Jacques Lacan; Born 13 April Paris, France: Died: Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality () Beyond the Pleasure Principle () No copy of the original lecture remains. Lacan was an active intellectual of the inter Main interests: Psychoanalysis.

Jacques Lacan; Born 13 April Paris, France: Died: 9 September (aged 80) Paris, France Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality () Beyond the Pleasure Principle () No copy of the original lecture remains, Lacan having omitted to hand in his text to the appropriate authorities. Jacques Lacan, in full Jacques Marie Émile Lacan, (born April 13,Paris, France—died Sept.

9,Paris), French psychoanalyst who gained an international reputation as an original interpreter of Sigmund Freud’s work. Lacan earned a medical degree in and was a practicing psychiatrist and psychoanalyst in Paris for much of his career.

The psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan (–81) left a legacy of thought that increasingly commands the attention of American scholars and critics. His provocative essays and wide-ranging seminars and lectures attempted, with remarkable success, to bridge the supposedly unbridgeable gap between the humanities and modern science.

Jacques Lacan Jacques lacan original essays
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