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Parmalat Case

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Corporate governance

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The difference with the great of attribution, as expounded by Lord Hoffman in the Main case, is that they tend to provide a more systematic and collected approach to avoiding liability of corporations. “The Parmalat fraud has been mainly implemented in New York, with the active role of the Zini legal firm and of Citibank,” said San Diego lawyer Darren Robbins, a partner in the firm Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes & Lerach, which is leading the class-action suit.

Parmalat was founded in as a family-run farm in Northern Italy. In the years that followed, the company grew into one of the largest dairy and food companies in Italy and eventually became a multinational conglomerate.

At the time of its crisis inParmalat listed subsidiaries in 48 different countries. Parmalat’s fraud [ ]. Deloitte should have used more professional skepticism and dug deeper to uncover the fraud.

However, all this is not important if Deloitte was colluding with the management of Parmalat to help the fraud continue. Parmalat is the failure in the corporate governance.

Such failures might result from the failure in the current codes on the corporate governance. Corporate governance is a broad theory concerned with the alignment of management and shareholder interest. Parma Scam - The Collapse of Parmalat.

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